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Chapter 2 Part 1: 1. The difference between race and color discrimination is race discrimination is based on the nationality, rather than color discrimination is based on the tone of ones skin. 2. All races are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 3. Sex discrimination is discrimination based on the gender male or female. Only under transgender circumstances does the Sex Discrimination Act protect them. The sexual orientation is not protected under this act. 6. This scenario would not be considered a hostile environment because a hostile environment is focused on offensive sexual based jokes and in this circumstance, they are speaking of religious and racial jokes. 7. 40 years and older is the age group that the ADEA protects. The reason being that as people age their skills may gradually decrease and they would rather have fresh, young employees. Part 2: 1. The Americans with Disabilities Act is violated because the disabled employee is still able to perform his work tasks, but in order to continue to do so heshe needs to have frequent doctor visits. 2. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is violated because a just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she should be treated differently than when she wasnt. 3. This does not violate any discrimination acts because it does not affect the hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, job training, or anything related directly to the individuals employment. 4. The Religious Discrimination Act is violated because the employers were not accommodating the religious practices of the individual. 5. The ENDA is violated because the crossdresser wants to be identified as a female and because of that he was terminated. 6. The ENDA is violated because a women who is not the correct sizeweight is denied a certain position, although is offered another position. 7. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was violated because the skin color of a qualified applicant prevented her from becoming an employee. Part 3: What I think about this case is that peoples religious beliefs should be respected and not belittled. I agree with Melissa Klein that the boards ruling of refusing to make cakes based on sexual orientation denies them their freedom of speech and religion. I believe that the boards ruling is discrimination against their religion. But I also agree that just because of someones sexual orientation they should not be denied access to a public service. I believe that there will always be people in the United States that will never accept Gay couples and there will always be discrimination. I think that both the business is being discriminatory, as well as it is a violation of the owners freedom of speech and religion.
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