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University of Washington
MGMT 200
Tod Bergstrom

Criminal Law and Business (Part 2) / Int'l Law Environment of Business Study online 1. white-collar generally refers to any criminal activity for deals with problems of over-billing and other crimes financial advantage fraud scams by hospitals, doctors, ambulance services, labs, pharmacies, and extended- 2. antitrust under the Sherman Act and Clayton Act, prison terms for price fixing/other anti- care facilities competitive practices 14.insider when a person trades a security while in -can be as long as 10 years trading possession of material nonpublic info in violation of a duty to withhold that info or 3. bankruptcy when a person or corporation hides/lies refrain from trading fraud about assets in bankruptcy proceedings -also applies when creditors are given false insurance companies - charging higher rates info, or when illegal pressure is applied to fraud than allowed by state regulators bankruptcy petitioners policy holders - lies about the condition of 4. bribery the offering of or taking of money, goods, their property to get lower rates or who pad services, or other things of value to influence official actions or decisions their claims 5. counterfeiting copying of a genuine item without 16.mail fraud committed by distributing materials that help create a fraud, e.g sending materials with authorization, especially when it is passed off for the genuine item false info through mail hiding origin of money 6. credit card unauthorized use of a credit card to obtain fraud goods, services, or cash laundering ex: drug dealing, creates a paper trail 7. computer and unauthorized use of computers and computer claiming a legit business origin for that internet fraud files and sabotage of computers money 8. economic the theft or misappropriation of valuable 18.RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt espionage business info such as a trade secret Organizations (RICO) Act -may be taken from or by a person or a -a weapon against organized crime (Mafia, business persons, businesses, political protest groups, 9. embezzlement when someone is in a position of trust with terrorist orgs) money or other valued property, and they
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