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Chapter 24

BY 108 Chapter Notes - Chapter 24: Superior Vena Cava, Sinus Venosus, Tricuspid Valve

BY-Biology Courses
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BY 108
Charles Amser

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fish heart - replaced simple tubular hearts
● tube w/ 4 chambers
β—‹ atrium/sinus venosus - 1st 2 chambers, for collection
β—‹ ventricle/conus arteriosus - last 2 chambers, for pumping
● order of contraction - sinus venosus >> atrium >> ventricle >> conus
● blood passes through gills after going through heart >> much of pressure
from pumping lost
amphibian/reptile heart - has 2 separate circulations due to lungs
● pulmonary circulation - between heart and lungs
● inRead invented by Teads
● systemic circulation - between heart, rest of body
● allows for pumping fully oxygenated blood
● separated atriums prevent oxygenated/deoxygenated blood from mixing
● aorta - major artery of systemic circulation
● cutaneous respiration - breathing through the skin
mammalian/bird hearts - 4 chambered heart w/ separate atria/ventricles
● right atrium receives deoxygenated blood >> right ventricle pumps blood to
● left atrium receives oxygenated blood >> left ventricle pumps blood to body
● double circulation - atrium/ventricles contract at same time
● both ventricles must pump same amount of blood
● heartbeats start in sinoatrial node (able to depolarize w/o neural activation
from brain)
cardiac cycle - 2 separate pumping systems in a single organ
inRead invented by Teads
● diastole (rest) >> systole (contraction)
● atrioventricular valves - between atria/ventricles
β—‹ prevents blood backflow
β—‹ tricuspid valve - on right side
β—‹ bicuspid (mitral) valve - on left side
● semilunar valves - between ventricles and arteries
β—‹ pulmonary valve - on right side
β—‹ aortic valve - on left side
● coronary arteries - first arteries off the aorta, supplies heart
β—‹ superior vena cava - drains upper body
β—‹ inferior vena cava - drains lower body
● sphygmomanometer - measures blood pressure
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