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CHE 118A
Vahid Eskandari

Jim Hollister LSC UCDavisReview of Kand pKin order to assess BasicityaaMemorize Table 74 in your text and perhaps also memorize the last page of my handout titled Substitutions and Elimination Reactions which islinked at my web siteYou should also get a feeling for pK valuesThis handout is to help you in that taskRecall that for the weak acid HAa OAH3K HAHAOHO a23HA1 Roughly speaking if K is greater than or equal to 010 that is 10 x 10 then HA is considered to be a strong acidaaThe p means that you take the negative log of the KaTherefore theOrganic chemists and biochemists usually speak of acidity in terms of pK1pK for 10 x a10 is 1That is pK1 in this caseNoteit is possible to have negative pKvaluesaaa To get a conjugate acid of a species add a hydrogenExample1The conjugate acid of NH is NH34To get a conjugate base subtract a hydrogenExamples 1The conjugate base of NHis NH432The conjugate base of NH is NH32To give you a sense that the conjugate acid of a str
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