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CHE 118A
Vahid Eskandari

pKa Chart 1 2 conjugate acid conjugate base conjugate acid conjugate base s i sulfuric acid H2SO4 HSO -10 s a 4 a nitric acid HNO 3 NO3 -1.3 s t g e o a t hydroiodic acid HI I -9 e - s w tosic acid TsOH TsO -0.6 hydrobromic acid HBr Br -8 hydrofluoric acid HF F 3.2 H protonated O O -7.3 ketone hydrogen nitride HN 3 N3 4.7 hydrochloric acid HCl Cl -7 O O carboxylic acids O H O 4.8 protonated -3.6 ether O O H H protonated carbocations -3 pyridine NH N 5.2 H CO 6.37 protonated H H carbonic acid 2 3 HCO 3 alcohol O O -2.4 (bicarbonate) H hydrogen sulfide H 2 SH 7 hydronium ion H O H O -1.7 H H H 3 4 conjugate acid conjugate base conjugate acid conjugate base O O O 15.7 O O water H H O H 1,3-diketones 9 (hydroxide) H hydrogen cyanide H C N
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