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University of California - Davis
CHE 118B
Peter Beal

SYLLABUS: Chemistry 118B: Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences Winter 2014 Instructor: Professor Peter A. Beal Office: 5469 Chemistry Annex Phone: 752-4132 Office Hours: Tuesdays 10-11a e-mail: [email protected] (Please use email for emergencies only. Contact your TA or head TA for ALL questions about the laboratory sections, their office hours, exam locations, regrades, etc.) Lectures: MWF 12:10-1p, Science Lecture Hall 123 Head TA: Eric Zheng, [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 9-10a, Chem Annex 1488 SASC: Student Academic Success Center (for time and place to get additional help with CH118B see Textbooks : "Organic Chemistry, 5 or 6 Edition, K.P.C. Vollhardt & N. Schore "Study Guide/Solution Manual" (Note: The bookstore should have a discounted bundle that includes the model set as well). Molecular Models: recommend Maruzen HGS Set for Organic Chemistry Lab/Discussion Supplementary Booklet and Worksheets: available from the bookstore Supplementary Materials: Web supplements to the textbook have animations and supplementary problems. Find these at: or Course Coverage: Chapters 11-18 Learning Goals: Students successfully completing this course would be expected to have a basic understanding of the structure and reactivity of alkenes, alkynes, aromatic systems, aldehydes, ketones, enols and enolates. In addition, students will have an introductory understanding of infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Exam Schedule Midterm I Friday, February 7 100 points Midterm II Friday, March 7 100 points Final Exam (Cumulative) Saturday, March 22, 3:30p-5:30p 200 points Lab/discussion assignments 50 points 1 Total 450 points Examination Policy There will be no makeup exams. This class is far too large to manage makeup ex
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