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1814Psych Chapter 1 The Foundations of Modern PsychologyStudy of Human Behaviorpeople are intuitive psychologistspsychological science is the study of the brain mind and behaviorbrain biological processes within the brain that enables the mindmind subjective experience of phenomena mental activity ex perceptual experiences sighttouch memories feelingsbehavior observable actions and mannerismsscientific study the use of empirical methods to identify relationships between variables of interestPsychologypsychebreath spirit or soullogiathe study of somethinggoals of psychology are to understandindividuals and groups by establishing general principals about human behaviormental activity social interactions origins of certain behaviorsFounder of Psychologythpsychology became an independent science in the mid19 centuryWilhelm Wundt established the first formal psychology laboratory in 1879 at the University of Leipzig GermanyG Stanley Hall established the first US psychology laboratory in 1883 at Johns Hopkins UniversityBranches of Research PsychologySocial interpersonal behavior and the role of the situation on behaviorPersonality describing and understanding consistency in behaviorPhysiologicalPsychobiology influences in genetic factors neuroanatomy and hormones on behaviorCognitive higherorder processes such as intelligence and memoryDevelopmental human development across life spanExperimental sensation perception learning motivation and emotionPsychometricsQuantitative measurement of psychological phenomenaAreas of Professional Psychologyclinical concerned with the evaluation diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorderscounseling interviewing testing and providing therapy in family marital and career settingseducationalschool curriculum design achievement testing teacher training and other aspects of the educational processindustrialorganizational involved in business and industry eg human resource departmentFoundations of Modern Psychologythspeculation of human nature and behavior can be traced to 5 century BCEthe field was influenced greatly by other related fieldstwo key debates at the core of psychological historynaturenurture debatemindbody debate
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