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11514Psych Chapter 3 Biological Bases of Behavior Basic Components of the Nervous System central nervous system brain spinal cordperipheral nervous system all nerves outside of the central nervous system two categories of cells unique to the nervous system neurons grey matter and gila white matter also considered nervous tissueNervous Tissue Neuronsneurons are the cells responsible for information to be received integrated and transmittedneurons are excitable they respond to stimulationThree Types of Neuronssensory neurons detect external information and transmit it to the brainafferent neurons information flow bodybrainmotor neurons direct muscle movementefferent neurons information flow brainbodyinterneurons transmit information from neuron to neuronThe Neuronparts of a neurondendritessomaaxonterminal boutonconnections between two neuronssynapsesynaptic cleftexternal neuron featuresmyelin sheathnodes of Ranvierdendrite branching extensions that detect information from neighboring neuronssoma cell body collects and integrates information from other neurons contains same machinery as other cells in the bodyaxon extended projections from the cell body that transmits information from cell body to terminal boutonsterminal bouton point of release for chemical signals being sent from the neuron into the synapsesynapse point of chemical communication between neuronssynaptic cleft small gap between two neuronspresynaptic neuron senderpostsynaptic neuron receivermyelin sheath fatty lining around axons that increases speed of information transmission down an axonnodes of Ranviersmall gaps between sections of myelin where action potentials are transmittedSignal Transmission
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