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12214Psych Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception1 IntroductionWhat is sensationDetection of and reaction of sensory stimuli by sensory organs and transmission of response to the brainWhat is perceptionProcessing and interpretation of sensory stimuliHow do they work togetherYour sensations are a result of your perceptionsExamplestimulus a green light emits physical properties in the form of photons light wavessensation sensory receptors in the drivers eyes detect this stimulussensory coding the stimulus is transduced translated into chemical and electrical signals that are transmitted to the brainperception the drivers brain processes the neural signals and constructs a representation of a green light ahead which is interpreted as a sign to continue drivingSensation and Perceptionsensory coding first step of sensation transductionsensory receptors change an external stimulus into neural impulsesqualitative vs quantitative qualitative information sensory receptors respond to qualitative differences by firing in different combinations a green light is coded by different receptors than a red light quantitative information sensory receptors respond to quantitative differences by firing at different times a bright light causes receptors to fire more rapidly or at a high frequency than a dim lightSubcortical Structures thalamusrelay center for the sensory information except olfactionthalamus sensory gatewayhippocampus memoryPsychophysicsinvestigates the psychological processing of physical stimuliimportant componentssensory thresholdssignal detection theory sensory adaptationSensory Thresholdsabsolute thresholdthe minimum amount of stimulus you need to perceive a sensationoperational definition the minimum amount of a stimulus you need to detect 50 of the timedifference thresholdthe minimum amount of difference between two stimuli you need to notice a differencesthe minimum quantitative change
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