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12714Psych Chapter 5 Consciousness1 ConsciousnessWhat is ConsciousnessConsciousness is an individuals subjective experience of the world as a result of brain activitysubjective experience individual mechanicsexperiences of each personwe cannot know if two people are experiencing the exact same stimulus in the same waybrain activity neural impulses are activated when we see somethingconscious experience is a result of activation of specific neural networksconsciousness serves 3 important functionsperformance of complex tasks involving input from several brain regionsautomatic tasks do not involve much conscious effortcontrolled tasks require conscious effortinteract with those around us in a meaningful wayparticipate in complicated thoughtGlobal Workspace Modelconsciousness comes from the pattern of brain circuits that are activatedno single brain area is responsible for overall awarenessdifferent areas respond to different types of informationeach of these areas are responsible for consciousness related to that informationsupport comes from the condition known as hemineglect hemi halfpatient is unaware that they are not attending to half of their visual fieldInfluences on Behaviorcore idea of consciousness is that we are aware of some mental processes and are unaware of othersprocessing that occurs outside our conscious awareness is subliminal perception subliminal perception can alter our behavior without us realizing itSubliminal Perception Bargh et al 1996 participants were asked to form sentences from groups of words ex Florida old wrinklesinfluenced by meaning of words on he list constituting to elderlyunconscious cue of the idea of elderly caused participants to walk slower while leaving the experimentparticipants were unaware of thisDijkstervan Kippenberg 1998participants were better at answering trivia questions when primed with professor information compared to soccer hooligan informationSmart Unconsciousunconscious thought when making a complex decision leads to a better decision being madeespecially when consciously weighing pros and cons of the decision is difficult ex Dijksterhuis 20042 SleepCircadian Rhythmssleep is regulated in a normal pattern called a circadian rhythmcirca about dies dayone cycle lasts about a daybody takes cues from the environment lightdark cycles and develops a sleepwake rhythm
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