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21114Psych Chapter 7 Attention and MemoryHenry Molaison HM 19262008what happens if you remove brain regions vital to memoryHe had short term memoryWhat is MemoryMemory the nervous systems capacity ti acquire and retain skills and knowledgememory as a libraryNOT memory as a video recordermemory is a reconstructive process memory as a jigsaw puzzlePhases of Memory Process memory takes sensory information and turns it into meaningful patterns you can store for later usethree phasesencoding occurs at time of learning as info is acquired it is processed so that it can be storedstorage retention of encoded representations over time retrieval the act of recalling or remembering stored information when it is neededexample 1 encoding information is acquired and processed into neural code just as information is entered with a keyboard 2 Storage information is stored in the brain just as it is stored on a computers hard drive 3 retrieval information is retrieved when it is needed just as it shows up onscreen so it can be viewedHow are Memories ProcessedConsolidation a process by which intermediate memories become lasting memories aka longterm memoriesneural connections that support memory become strongeroccurs in the medial temporal lobes MTLMTL coordinates and strengthens the neural connections during learningthese connections are reactivated during memory retrievalActivation Perception vs Rememberingencoding brain regions active during perception of picturesretrieval process brain regions active when those same pictures are rememberedencoding brain regions active during the perception of soundsretrieval process brain regions active when those sounds are rememberedWhere are Memories ProcessedEquipotentiality memory is distributed throughout the brain rather than confined to one specific location there is no one region where memories are ultimately stored they reside throughout the brainbrain regions associated with memory prefrontal cortex working memorytemporal lobe declarative memoryamygdala fear learninghippocampus spatial memorycerebellum motor action learning and memory
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