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21914Psych Chapter 10 Emotion and MotivationElliottumor in prefrontal cortex required removal of frontal lobe tissuelost the ability to experience emotioncould not make rational decisions learn from mistakes unable to maintain relationshipsWhat are EmotionsEmotion immediate specific responses to environmental eventsinvolve subjective evaluation physiological processes and cognitive beliefsmood diffuse longlasting emotional states that influence thought and behaviorHow do we Experience EmotionsThree components1 subjective experience feelings that accompany emotion2 physical changes increased heart rate change in skin temperature brain activation3 cognitive appraisals peoples beliefs and understanding about why they feel the way they doEmotions as Feelingswe experience emotions subjectivelydegree of intensity varies between individualsextremes may indicate psychological problemsoveremotionalmood disorders depression panic attacks can become immobilized by emotionunderemotionalalexithymia eg Elliot do not experience the subjective components of emotionTypes of Emotionprimary emotions emotions that are evolutionarily adaptive shared across cultures and associated with specific physical state anger fear sadness disgust happiness surprise contempt pridesecondary emotions blends of primary emotionsremorse guilt submission shame anticipationpositive vs negative affect valence are independent of each othercan experience both simultaneouslyeg leaving for college thinking about someone you have lost graduating and moving onseparate neurochemistrypositive affectincrease in DAnegative affectincrease in NECircumplex Map of Emotionvalence howemotions areactivation how arousing emotions arefeeling excited is a state of positive affect and high arousaldepression is a state of negative affect and low arousalDevelopment of Emotion
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