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3514Psych Chapter 13 PersonalityPersonalityGordon Allport 1961personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine the individuals characteristic behavior and thoughtorganization a coherent whole that is goal seeking contextsensitive and adaptive to the environmentpsychophysical system personality arises from basic biological processescharacteristic behavior and thought people do think and feel things relatively consistently over timepersonality is composed of various individual characteristicspersonality traits the dispositional tendency to behave think and feel a particular wayconsistent across timeconsistent across situationsApproaches to Personalitymany approaches to studying facets of personalitypsychodynamic approachhumanistic approachtraits approachesPsychodynamic Approachpsychodynamic approach unconscious forces are in conflict and determine behaviorpsychodynamic theory is a theory of mind a scientific model of the overall architecture of mental structures and processespsychic determinismeverything happens in a persons mind and has a specific causea lot of things happen in our mind are not consciousunconscious forces are in conflict and determine behavior3 levels of consciousnessconscious thoughts of which we are aware at any given momentpreconscious thoughts of which we easily could become aware if we attended to themunconscious thoughts of which we are unaware and are largely hidden from usconflict here results in anxiety and psychological discomfortFreud believed personality consisted of 3 interacting componentsId the irrational and emotional part of the mind pleasure principle pursues pleasure and avoids painEgo the rational part of the mind reality principle engages in rational thought and problem solvingSuperego the moral part of the mindconflicts between the Id and the Superego lead to anxietythe Ego copes with this anxiety through the use of defense mechanismsdefense mechanisms unconscious mental strategies the ego uses to protect the self from anxietyhuman development occurs in a series of 5 distinct psychosexual stages oral anal phallic latency genital
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