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31014Psych Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersPsychopathologypsychopathology illness or disorder of the minddeviation from culturally accepted behavior that is maladaptive4 criteria to consider1 is the behavior a deviation from the social norm2 does the behavior interfere with the persons ability to function appropriately across situations3 is the behavior selfdestructive cause the individual distress or pose a threat to others4 does the behavior cause others concern thereby impairing social relationshipsHighly prevalent in the population1 in 4 adults 577 million people suffer from mental disorders in a given year1 in 17 6 suffer from serious mental illness45 of these meet criteria for more than oneClassificationEmil Kraepelin 18561926recognized that not all mental illnesses were the samemood disorders cognition disordersDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM 1952systematic categorization of mental disorders by the APAmost recent update DSM5 published May 27 2013DSM5 Updatesrefinement and redefinitionADHD autism spectrum disorders bipolar disorder schizophreniareclassificationanxiety disordersadditionhoarding disorder binge eating disorderstill not includedsensory processing disorder hypersexual disorderClassification2 approaches to evaluationcategorical approacha person either falls into a diagnostic category or they dont how DSM classification worksdimensional approach people vary along a continuum of psychological disorder rather than in categories DSM5 has a section promoting the dimensional approach comorbidity the presence of multiple psychological disorders that occur togetherdepression and anxiety are often comorbid as are depressions and substance abuseimportant to examine for comorbid conditionsAssessmentAssessment the process or set of procedures used to examine a persons mental state and potentially diagnose a disordergoal diagnosisinterviews observations testing evidencebased assessment
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