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31014Psych Chapter 15 Treatment ofPsychological Disordershttptinyurlcompsc001quiz4therapyTreatment Approaches2 categories of approaches to treating mental disorderspsychological interactions between therapist and client talk therapiesbiological medicallybased treatmentspsychotherapy generic term for treatment of mental disordersevidencebased treatments treatments based on empirical evidence single case design testing of a new treatment in only a few patients that are very closely monitoredrandomized controlled trial testing efficacy of treatment where subjects are blind to treatment groupdoubleblind controlled trial testing efficacy of treatment where subjects and experimenter are blind to treatment groupPsychodynamic Approachesbased on psychoanalytic approaches developed by Sigmund Freudtypical goal insight the awareness of his own unconscious psychological processes and how these affect daily functioningInterpersonal Therapy Klerman and Weissman 1993helps patients learn alternate strategies for interacting and communicatingeg how to navigate the transition from being single to marriedeffectively used for patients with depressionHumanistic Approachespeople must take responsibility for their actions and live in the presentclientcentered therapy developed by Carl Rogers encourages clients to accept themselves and fulfill their highest potential reflective listeningtherapists needed genuineness unconditional positive regard and emphatic understandingBehavior Approachesbehaviors are learned and therefore can be unlearned through conditioningmodeling a patient learns new skills by watching anothers behavior operant conditioning techniques desired behaviors can be taught through rewardpunishmenttoken economies positive behaviors are reinforced with tokens they can earn to exchange for desired items or activitiesCognitive Approachesapproaches that focus on changing thought process cognitive restructuring a set of techniques for changing maladaptive beliefs or interpretation rationalemotive therapy therapist challenges the patients irrational beliefsCognitiveBehavioral Approachescognitivebehavioral therapy CBTuses cognitive and behavioral approachesworks to correct faulty cognitions and train new behaviorsworks on both changing negative interpretations and maladaptive behavior
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