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BIO SCI 94 Chapter Notes -Abyssal Zone, Photic Zone, Aphotic Zone

Biological Sciences
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Nancy Aguilar- Roca

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Biology 52 Emphasis on Tropical Forest , Desert, Chaparral ,
estuaries , intertidal zones, ocean pelagic zone, coral reefs,
benthic zone
Monday, March 3, 2014
8:59 PM
Ecology - The study of the interactions between an organism and it's environment.
Concept 52.1 - Earth's Climate Varies by Latitude and Season and is Rapidly Changing
Biggest impact on distribution of organisms on lad and sea is climate
Climate - long term prevailing weather conditions in a given area
based on 4 factor , temperature m precipitation , sunlight and wind
Macroclimate- patterns on the global , regional and land scape level
Microclimate- very fine localized patterns
Global Climate Patterns
Determined by input of solar energy and Earth's movement
Sun warms --> atmosphere , land , water
Warming establishes temperature variations cycles of air and water movement and evaporation
of water
This causes dramatic latitudinal variations in climate.
Regional and Local Effects on Climate
Climate patterns can be changed by many factors
-seasonal variation
-large bodies of water
-mountain ranges
Titled axis of rotation + annual passage around sun cause seasons .
Change in wind patters change ocean patterns
Upwelling of cold water stimulates the growth of surface dwelling phytoplankton which helps the
predators of plankton
Bodies of Water
Ocean currents can change climates by heating or cooling air mass that passes throuhg
Coastal regions are typically wetter than inland areasof same latitude ( because there's like a
beach there)
Example : cool air from California from the beach supports the coniferous rain forest along the
coast, think red woods
High specific heat of water means that the temperature around it is more constant
During hot day, hot air rises and cooler, more dense air goes underneath it , making a nice
Mountains influence air flow
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