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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Nancy Aguilar- Roca

Bio Chapter 51 Continued Sunday, March 2, 2014 10:25 PM Certainty of paternity- How certain are you that the offspring is yours? Internal fertilization is hard to tell, more certain by external fertilization Thus males in species where they are certain that offspring are theirs tend to watch offspring more. Sexual Selection and Mate Choice- Intersexual mate choice - when a member from a certain sex gets to choose a mate from another sex Intrasexual selection - when members from one sex compete for mates Mate choice by females- typically choose males that have traits that make them seem like they'll have viable and healthy offspring. Or they have traits similar to their father. Mate- choice copying- choosing traits that other peers are picking. So if your friends want a mate with orang marks, you want a mate with orange marks. Male completion for mates- certain traits are favored, so genetic variation is limited Competition for resources and mates Concept 51.4 Inclusive Fitness can account for the evolution of behavior, including altruism Genetic basis for behavior- Fru gene's presence decides whether or not a male fly courts. When a female's fru gene is manipulated to express the male form of fru , they start to court other females Genetic Variatin and the Evolution of Behavior Behavioral differences between closely related species are common . Actual difference behaviors can be
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