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Biological Sciences
Nancy Aguilar- Roca

Chapter 53 Population Ecology Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:21 PM Density and Dispersion Density- number of individuals pre unit area or volume Dispersion - pattern of spacing among individuals Density: A dynamic Perspective Sometimes we could al individuals, other times , not so much . Instead ecologists use formulas to estimate Or use number of nests , burrows and tracks Mark recapture method -estimate size of wildlife populations Density isn't a static property, it changes when individuals are added or subtracted from a population Immigration - when an individual moves into a population Emigration - when an individual "peaces out" Patterns of Dispersion Clumped- individuals live in patches Uniform - evenly spaced out ( this seems quite subjective) This might result from competition for resources Territoriality - defense of bounded physical space against encroachment by other individuals Random - is unpredictable , it just happens 9 wind blowing seeds) Demographics Factors that affect population density are: • Ecological needs of a species • Structure of the environment • And interactions among individuals within the population THESE ALSO INFLUENCE OTHER CHARACTERISTICS OF POPULATIONS Demography - is the study of vital statistics of populations and how they change over time. birth rater and death rates Life tables Life tables are age specific summaries of the survival pattern of a species you can go about m
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