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Sociology Notes ch. 27-30 3/11/14 Gender roles in society: • males: dominant and physically aggressive • females: passive and nurturing • Why does the teacher pay more attention to the boys in the classroom? o different expectations for girl and boy aptitudes o differences in society, culture o gender is socialized—largely different in different societies o cross-culture variation in gender roles o relationships in marriage—man as the provider o men as homemakers –stigma associated with it (sense of manhood is compromised) vs. women as homemakers o gender stratification in the law—in terms of male maternity leave  gender stratification: sex inequality in all the major institutions (media, law, language, workplace etc). • “he” as the default • cursing/swearing: o vulgar speech against women: sexualized by language/verbally; more so than women • cartoons; Disney cartoons • physical appearance concern: more prevalent with females • workplace: unequal pay; gender wage gap o executive positions; leadership roles o glass ceiling: limit to how far you can go up the corporate ladder  discrimination against women and other races • In Order and Conflict: opinion on gender roles o Gender roles are necessary o Order theory: Man needs emotional support from the women; complementation exists between men and women o Conflict theory: discrimination exists between males and females as imposed by the ruling class in pursuit of their own interests and profit; in a capitalistic society, value is
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