Fundamentals A: Matter and Energy

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Ramesh D Arasasingham

Chemical Principles The Quest for Insight by Atkins and Jones th5 Edition Study Guide by GigiFundamentals A Matter and Energy Significant Figures Key Concepts types of properties physical chemical intensive extensive the use of density in calculations energy kinetic and gravitational significant figures the nature of volume the properties and base units of matterMattermatter anything that has mass and takes up space substancea single pure form of matter states of matter 1 solid matter retains shape and does not flow 2 liquid matter is fluid with a welldefined surface takes the shape of the container it occupies 3 gas matter is fluid and fills any vessel containing it 4 vapor the gaseous form of a substance that is normally solid or liquid water vaporPhysical Propertiesphysical property a characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the substances identity 1 melting point 2 boiling point 3 color 4 mass 5 temperature 6 color 7 state solid liquid or gas 8 density physical change the identity of the substance does not change only its physical properties
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