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Mu- Chun Chen

Ch. 23: Measuring a Nation’s Income - Macroeconomics: Worldwide inflation, unemployment, economy’s growth - Microeconomics: study how households and firms make decisions and how they interact in markets. A. Economy’s income & expenditure - GDP: market value of all final goods & services produced within a county in given period of time. o Measures total income of everyone in the economy and total expenditure on output of goods & services - For econ. As whole, income must equal expenditure o Buyer is always same as seller o Circular flow diagram shows the transactions B. Measurement of Gross Domestic Product - Adds dif, products into single measure of value of econ. Activity o Market prices reflect value of goods - GDP excludes items produced/sold illegally (drugs) or produced/consume at home - Intermediate good: middle process o Paper made for hallmark card o Double counting value - GDP only includes value of final goods - If int. good added to inventory for later use, then can be counted in “final” good - GDP includes tangible and intangible services - GDP is for already produced, not used stuff (car) - GDP measure value within country - GDP measures for specific interval of time - Seasonal adjustment: produces more sometimes in year, so take out this seasonal cycle - Almost same answer= statistical discrepancy C. Components of GDP - Composition of gdp: y= C + I + G + NX (identity) 1. Consumption: spending households on goods and services with exception of purchase on new housing 2. Investment: spending on capital equipment, inventories and structures,
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