HISTORY 40C Chapter 22: History 40C Chapter 22

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Highsmith, A

History 40C Chapter 22 41617 The Great Depression and the New Deal The Great Depression caused massive underemployment and declining wages It was caused by the stock marker crashing The bottom had fallen on an already weak housing market The markets for agricultural goods stalled Demand for consumer goods fell precipitously leading factories to slow production HawleySmoot Tariff bill passed in 1930 that raised American tariffs on foreign agricultural and manufactured goods by as much as 50 percent Triggered European retaliation Urban America Drastic difference from the 1920s Many people were homeless and build makeshift towns in abandoned lots and parks Hooverville popular name for a shantytown built by homeless Americans during the Great Depression Rural America The depression exacerbated a decadelong problem of overproduction and lowered revenues Dust Bowl parts of Kansas. Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas that suffered punishing dust storms and droughts from the early 1930s to the early 1940s Radicalizing Politics Scottsboro Boys Nine African American an boys accused of raping a white woman in Scottsboro Alabama in 1931, They were imprisoned although their guild was never established Bonus Army group of 15,000 World War 1 veterans who staged a protest in D.C. in 1932, demanding immediate payment of their military bonuses 1932 Election FDR won the democratic nomination and eventually the presidency by a landslide The New Deal FDRs First hundred days were used to dramatically boost the countries mood by formulating new policies
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