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Chapter 19

HISTORY 40C Chapter Notes - Chapter 19: Settlement Movement, Social Gospel, Rein

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History 40C Chapter 19 4/04/17
The Progressive Era
Progressive- umbrella term for a host of changes demanded largely
by the middle class to rein in the worst abuses of the Industrial Age
Turn of the twentieth century progressivism
Started with wanting to clean up the nations cities
Worked to create more democratic political process
Worked to create more government regulation of industry
Borrowed from the populists
Social Gospel Movement- early twentieth century protestant-
inspired movement advocating widespread reforms to curb the worst
abuses of the Industrial Revolution,
Women Movement-many were now well-educated
Very active in the progressive Era
Reforming the Cities
Urban population was growing and cities couldn’t provide
basic services for all the people
Settlement houses- safe residences in poor neighborhoods
where reformers could study local conditions and where
residents could hold meetings and receive free health care
Hull house- second but most renowned settlement house in
the U.S. its residents lobbied the government to pass better
construction and safety laws to improve conditions in the
surrounding tenement
State Reforms
Democratizing Trends
Initiative- legislative device design to allow citizens more
control over state law, they could advocate a specific idea and
introduce it on the ballot
Referendum- allows citizens more control over state law,
Citizens could collect a few thousand signatures on a
petition in order to advance a specific idea and
introduce I on the ballot
Primary- preliminary elections designed to let voters choose
which political candidate would run for public office
National Reforms
Sherman Antitrust Act- the federal governments first attempt to
break up monopolies
during Teddy Roosevelt's term
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