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Chapter 27

HISTORY 40C Chapter Notes - Chapter 27: Chapter 27, Sharia, Ethnic Cleansing

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History 40C Chapter 27 5/20/17
1900’s American History
Regan's America
The growing! conservative movement paved way for Regan
A new Deal democrat and FDR supporter he was
anticommunism which brought his conservative beliefs to
the table
Regan was president form 1981-1989
He previously was an actor in Hollywood
Regan was also a Governor of California in the 1970’s
Supply-side economics: theory that tax cuts would produce new
investment which would in turn generate an increase in federal
These revenues would eventually trickle down to the
lower classes in the form of more jobs
Deregulation- reagan advocated limiting government
involvement in business
The American public was now more than ever divided by
wealth, politics, and religion
Despite reagans upbeat image his revolution had immense
costs that were borne by his successors
In 1988 Regan’s Vice President George Bush Sr. won the
He would become President until 1993
His son would also later become president in 2001
His first hurdle was cleaning up a savings and loan
scandal produced by Reagan's attempt to deregulate that
Bush promised the people that he would not raise taxes
during his presidency
This led to a recession
By 1990 unemployment has risen and many
companies were downgrading
Reagan and Bush both supported an active, interventionist
foreign policy
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