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Chapter 24

HISTORY 40C Chapter Notes - Chapter 24: Massive Resistance, Closed Shop, Marshall Plan

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History 40C Chapter 24 4/30/17
20th Century American History
Cold War America
Cold war- postwar ideological, economic, and military contest
between the United States and the Soviet Union
United Nations- international organization that fosters
discussions among the world's nations and monitors the well-
being of almost all individuals in the world
Also known as the UN
US wanted to contain communism and not let it advance any
further than it already had
Truman Doctrine- US strategy of offering aid to nations that
might be susceptible to communist infiltration
Marshall Plan- human doctrine as it was ministered in
Europe in order to diminish the allies of communism
Under the plan the US sent $13 billion to
governments that promised to become or remain
Berlin Crisis- first major confrontation of the Cold War
Soviet Union had control over a part of Berlin and the US
and its allies controlled the other half and often sent
planes with supplies to help those in the Soviet Union's
half of Berlin
The Berlin wall was created
An arms race began between the US and SU
Each testing new bombs
Then the arms race turned into a space race, where
sputnik went into orbit by the Soviets
Soon after the US put a explorer into space orbit
Fair Deal- Truman's twenty-one point postwar plan that
provided increase in the minimum wage, federal assistance in
building homes, federal support for eduction and health care,
and jobs in public works
Taft-Harley Act- banned the closed shop, outlawed collective
bargaining within industries and authorized the president to
delay strikes declaring a cooling off period
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