PSY BEH 11B Chapter 8: Reading 7 (Gleitman 327-337)

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Psychology and Social Behavior
Kier Groulx

PsyBeh 11B – Week 3 Reading 5 (Gleitman Ch. 8, 327-337) Varieties of Memory • A Hierarchy of Memory Types • Explicit memory – conscious memories; can describe if chosen o Episodic memory o Semantic memory • Implicit memory – unconsciously with us o Procedural memory o Priming o Perceptual learning • Episodic and Semantic Memory o Episodic memory – memory for specific events o Semantic Memory – knowledge not tied to any time or place ▪ Ex: Water is wet, London is capital of England o Possible Subdivisions of Episodic Memory ▪ Autobiographical memory – memory that defines who we are ▪ Flashbulb memories • Especially vivid memories • Concern events that were highly distinctive and unexpected as well as emotional o Most common are emotionally negative events triggering fear, grief, or horror • Flashbulb memories are not immune to error • But their clarity and accuracy are most likely the result of rehearsal and emotional remembering ▪ Memory for Traumatic Events • Debate is whether trauma memories are governed by a separate set of principles tied to how people might protect themselves from the painful recollection of horrific events • Traumatic memories tend to be remembered accurately, completely and for many years o Post-traumatic stress disorder o Highly disruptive • No memory of trauma o Traumatic events accompanied by physical duress ▪ Disrupts memory ▪ Extreme stress associated with the event is likely to have disrupted the biological process needed for establishing memory o Repression ▪ Hidden from view by defense mechanisms o Dissociation ▪ Creating a sense of psychological distance
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