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Chapter pp. 110-136

REL STD 5A Chapter Notes - Chapter pp. 110-136: The Jewish War, Epistle To The Colossians, Johannine Literature

Religious Studies
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Chris Mc Kenna
pp. 110-136

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pp. 110-136: The New Testament (Gospels on Jesus)
John 1:1-18
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (opening of Book of
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was
God.” (opening of Gospel of John)
oApostle John consciously alludes to creation account in Genesis
Word took on human flesh (1:14) and dwelt on Earth; as the Word,
Jesus is the “light of men” (1:4) and is associated with grace/truth
oJesus: pre-existence with God
John (ca. 6 CE- ca. 100)
oBrother of James (another of Twelve Apostles) = Sons of Zebedee
oFive books attributed to John: John, three Letters of John, Revelation
Modern scholars doubt he wrote all five
Gospel of John: “the Fourth Gospel”
All five books stemming from “Johannine School”
Common store of images, similar/highly distinctive Greek
style, set of recurring emphases, and common
theology/“Christology” (Jesus: exalted divine or quasi-divine
Theme of love
o“God is love” (1 John 4:8)
oLast Supper, Jesus washes Twelve Apostles’ feet and tells them to serve
one another as he served them – how everyone will recognize they are his
disciples (John 13:35)
John (the disciple “whom Jesus loved”– John 20:2)
oFirst of Apostles to see empty tomb
oThe only Apostle to remain at foot of cross during crucifixion
oAt Jesus’ instruction took Mary (Jesus’ mother) into his care (19:25-27)
after Jesus’ death
oDied of natural causes as very old man (Christian communities, Asia
Gospel’s account of Jesus’ Resurrection
oMary of Magdala (Mary the Magdelene) then John and finally Peter find
Jesus’ tomb empty  assembled Twelve are visited by risen Christ, who
breathes his spirit into them just as God breathed his spirit into Adam
(Genesis 2:7)
Implication of opening made clear at closing: world is about to be
created anew by warm breath of the Lord
Luke 1-2:14
Gospel of Luke: historical/theological account of Jesus life and ministry
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