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Chapter 10

SOCIOL 41 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Arthur Schuster

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Sociology 41
Small Group Dynamics
Professor Schuster
Course Code: 69150
4 Unit Course
Winter 2019
Key: Subjects/topics discussed in class
Notes: Rothwell Chapter 10
***Ending of Rothwell Chapter 10
Competent Communicator’s Power Resource Guide
Power resource
Personal qualities
Communication guideline
Groups specify qualities that are preferred
Power resource
Legitimate authority
Communication guideline
Become an authority figure
Gain legitimacy
Encourage participative decision making
Act ethically
Resistance Strategies
Strategic stupidity
Smart people acting dumb on purpose
Loss of motor function
Sudden attack of the clumsies
Misunderstanding mirage
Illusory mistakes
Selective amnesia
Forgetting only the distasteful
Tactical tardiness
Late for reasons within one’s control
Purposeful procrastination
Promising to do that which one has no intention of doing soon
Factors affecting Group Reaction to Defiance
Significance of norm to the group
Degree of deviation from the norm
Obvious defiance or inadverdent noncompliance
Influence strategies of defiant members
Group cannot ostracize
Deviant remains consistent throughout discussion
Group can exclue
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