ACG 2021 Chapter 1: Chapter1

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University of Central Florida
Accounting General
ACG 2021
Christina Parker

Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting and Business Nature of Business and Accounting Business an organization in which basic resources (inputs) are assembled and processed to provide goods or services (outputs) to customers Objective of most businesses is to earn profit Profit the difference between the amounts received from customers for goods or services and the amounts paid for the inputs used to provide the goods or services Types of Businesses Service businesses provide services rather than products to customers Ex: Delta Airlines (transportation), Walt Disney World (entertainment) Merchandising businesses sell products they purchase from other businesses to customers Ex: Walmart, Amazon Manufacturing businesses change basic inputs into products that are sold to customers Ex: Ford (cars, trucks, vans), Dell (computers) Role of Accounting in Business Provide information for managers to use in operating the business Accounting an information system that provides reports to users about the economic activities and condition of a business The means by which businesses financial information is communicated to users 1. Identify users 2. Assess users information needs 3. Design the accounting information system to meet users needs 4. Record economic data about business activities and events 5. Prepare accounting reports for users Internal users: managers employees; directly involved in managing and operating the business Managerial accounting is used for internal users Managerial accounting provide relevant and timely information for managers and employees decisionmaking needs External users: investors, creditors, customers, government; not directly involved in managing and operating the business Financial accounting is used for external users Generalpurpose financial statements type of financial accounting report that is distributed to external Role of Ethics in Accounting and Business Ethics moral principles that guide the conduct of individuals Opportunities for Accountants Public accounting an accountant may practice as an individual or as a member of a public accounting firm Certified public accountants (CPA) typically perform general accounting, audit, or tax services General Accepted Accounting Principles Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
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