COM 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Nonverbal Communication, Kinesics, Physical Body

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7 Feb 2017

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Emoticons/emoji are a form of nonverbal communication and illustrate the importance of
nonverbal communication
Repeating- some nonverbal signs repeat what you said, like pointing when giving
Emphasizing- hugging a friend while telling them you care about them
Complimenting- tone of voice, gestures, and body movement
Contradiction- nonverbal signs communicate how you really feel, even when you say you
are fine
Substituting- completely nonverbal, message is clear: thumbs down, shrug, etc.
Regulating- raising a hand when asking students to “raise their hand”, tells people what
to do
Nonverbal communication is ambiguous because codes are used for a variety of
meanings, or many codes are used for one meaning
o Raising your right hand may indicate oath, a question, hailing a taxi, etc.
o Many different gestures can show affection- hug, kiss, holding hands, etc.
Nonverbal codes: codes of communication consisting of symbols that are not words,
including nonverbal vocalizations
Kinesics: the study of bodily movement
You must know how one acts before you can interpret their nonverbal and bodily
Liking is expressed by leaning forward or close, direct body orientation, relaxed posture,
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