Textbook Notes for Chapter 4

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COM 1000
Steven Neel

Nonverbal Communication (Ch 4)  Nonverbal communication is using wordless messages to generate meaning  Verbal and nonverbal working together o Repetition – same message is sent via words and actions o Emphasis – using nonverbal cues to strengthen message (wagging finger while scolding) o Complementation – nonverbal and verbal cues add meaning to each other o Contradiction – verbal and nonverbal cues conflict o Substitution – using a physical cue to express a verbal command o Regulation – using nonverbal cues to monitor and control interactions  Nonverbal Codes – codes of communication consisting of symbols that are not words, including nonword vocalizations  Bodily movement and facial expression o Kinesics – study of bodily movements (posture, gestures, facial expressions) o Mehrabian  liking, status, responsiveness o Ekman, Ekman, and Friesen  Emblems – gestures, substitute for words/phrases  Illustrators –reinforce verbal messages (i.e. propeller)  Affect displays – show emotion (i.e. people at sporting events)  Regulators – control flow/pace of conversation (i.e. nodding)  Adaptors – you might do fully in private, but partially in public (like pick a booger)  Physical attraction – people’s reactions towards someone by their looks o Affects both credibility and one’s ability to persuade others  Space o Proxemics – study of human use of space and distance o Territoriality – need to establish and maintain space as your own o Personal space  Intimate distance – from you outward to 18in  Personal distance – 18in to 4ft  Social distance – 4ft to 12ft  Public distance – exceeds 12ft  Time o Chronemics – the way people use and organize their time o Use of time  Monochronic individuals – view time as very serious and complete one task at a time  Polychronic individuals – like
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