FRE 1120C Chapter 2: FRE1120 Lesson 2A

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French Language
FRE 1120C
Elizabeth Giltner

FRE1120C Unité 2 Leçon 2A Les cours • Vocabulaire J’aime bien… - I like… Un cours – class, course Je n’aime pas tellement… - I don’t like… very Un devoir – homework much. Être reçu(e) à un examen – to pass an exam Un diplöme – diploma, degree L’art – art L’ecole – school La chimie – chemistry Les études (supérieures) – (higher) education; studies Le droit – law Le gymnase – gymnasium L’education physique – physical education Une note – grade La géographie – geography Un restaurant universitaire (un resto U) – university cafeteria La gestion – business administration Difficile – difficult Les lettres – humanities Facile – easy La philosopie – philosophy Inutile – useless Les sciences (politiques/po) – (political) Utile – useful science Une bourse – scholarship, grant Surtout – especially; above all • Expressions utiles Talking about classes Additional vocabulary Tu aimes les cours? – do you like the classes? On a rendez-vous (avec des ami(e)s) – we’re meeting (friends). Antoine n’aime pas Dupré. – Antoine doesn’t Comme j’adore… - How I love… like Dupré. Il pense qu’il dome trop de devoirs. – he Parler au téléphone. – to talk on the phone. thinks he gives too much homework. Tu crois? Mais porquoi? – you think? But C’est une blague. – it’s a joke. why? Avec Dupré, je travaille, mais je n’ai pas de Si, malheureusement! – yes, unfortunately! bons résultats. – With Dupré, I work, but I don’t get good results (grades). Demain, on étudie Les Trois Mousquetaires. – On y va?/On y va – are you ready? Let’s go. tomorrow we’re studying The Three Musketeers. C’est mon livre préferé. – it’s my favorite Eh! – Hey! book. Pas du tout – not at all! Chéri(e) - darling FRE1120C Unité 2 Leçon 2A Culture à la loupe: À l’université • French students who pass le bac (exit exam taken after high school) may continue on to study in a university. • In 1999, 29 European countries, including France, decided to reform their university systems in order to create a more uniform system in Europe. o As a result, French student degrees (diplômes) are now accepted in most European countries. • Licence, Master, Doctorat. A BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) is awarded to students who choose technical studies. • In addition to universities, France has an extremely competitive, elite branch of higher education called les grandes écoles. o These schools train most of the high-level administrators, scientists, businesspeople, and engineers in the country. o There are about 300 of these. • Some French universities are city based, lacking campuses, and offering few extra- curricular activities, while others have a more defined campus and a great number of student associations. • Many students live with their families, in a résidence universitaire, or in an apartment. Le français quotidien: Les études • Être fort(e) en… - to be good at… • Être nul(le) en… - to be bad at… • Bio – biology • Éco – economics • Géo – geography • Maths – math • Philo – philosophy • Psycho – psychology Le mo
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