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Chapter 1-2

HSC 3537 Chapter 1-2: Medical Terminology Unit 1 Studyguide

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Health Science
HSC 3537
Reid Oetjen

Medical Terminology Unit 1 Study Guide Chapter 1: The Structure of Medical Language 1) Know the five language skills needed for communication in any language 2) Know the term etymology 3) Know the two languages the medical language utilizes 4) Understand the rules for singular and plural noun pronunciation 5) Know and define the three different types of word parts 6) Understand the characteristics of combining form 7) Read the tips for combining form 8) Understand the characteristics of a suffix 9) Understand the characteristics of a prefix 10) Know the standard headings in Hospital Admission and Discharge Documents 11)Know and define the following terms a. Medical Record b. Computerized Patient Records (CPRs) c. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) d. Electronic Patient Record (EPR) e. Consent to Treatment f. HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996) Chapter 2: The Body in health and Disease 1) Identify the different ways the human body can be studied 2) Know and define positions and planes 3) Know and define body cavities 4) Define the four quadrants 5) Know the regions of the abdominopelvic area 6) Difference between anatomy and physiology 7) Define microscopic and macroscopic 8) Know the lift of body systems and corresponding medical specialties 9) Define the following terms a. Preventative medicine b. Disease
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