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American History
AMH 2010

AMH 2010 Notes August 26,2013 Chapter One: When Old Worlds Collide, 1492-1600 I. The First Americans II. Europe and the World by the 15 century III. Spain, Columbus, and the Americas IV. Contact and Conquest V. Conclusion The First Americans  The Aztecs (around modern day Mexico) o Capital of Tenochtitlan in middle of Lake Texacoco  Settled by 1400  Chinampas  Inca Civilization o Emerged around 1400 C.E. o Built capital at Cuzco, high in Andes Mountains For the paper assignment remember the role of the conquistadors  Mayans emerged in southern lowlands of the Yucatan o Highly developed written languages and art (earliest dated around 50 B.C.E. o Classic Mayan cultural decline after 750 C.E. due to limited resources.  The Norsemen (Vikings) o From 982 to 1014 C.E., first exploration of Iceland and Greenland.  Erik the Red, 982-983 o Three explorations between 1001 and 1014 C.E. to North America  Established colony of “Vinland” in Newfoundland on the last voyage.  Viking Longship Europe and the World by the 15 Century  Ottoman Turks took Constantinople, 1453  European technological gains by 1500 o Johannes Gutenberg (1390-1468) and the printing press 1430s o Improvements in ships and navigation  Caravel  Europe knew about China through Marco Polo (1254-1324) o The Travels (1271)  Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) initiated many explo
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