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Chapter 1

CHEM 14BL Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Flowchart, Safety Data Sheet, Approximation Error

Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Henary Maher

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Chem 14BL Summer 2015
Report Guideline for Experiment #1 (Pipet Calibration)
Pre-lab Report is due at the beginning of the lab section. Refer to the lab schedule for
due date. Pre-lab report MUST be written inside your LAB NOTEBOOK.
(I) On-line Technique Videos & Resources For This Experiment
Click on the title below to download the video (require Real Player)
(1) Laboratory Safety (this video was shown on the first day of the lab)
(2) Use of a Pipet
If you have trouble downloading the videos, go to the following Web site and click on the
appropriate title to download the video.
Guides for Writing Lab Reports
Click here to see pictures of common laboratory glassware for 14BL (download time may
be quite long if you are using dial-up)
Click here to see pictures of common laboratory equipment for 14BL (download time
may be quite long if you are using dial-up)
(II) Pre-lab REPORT Guideline
Note: Make sure that you follow the proper laboratory safety protocol (refer to the course syllabus)
BEFORE going to the lab.
Please also make sure that you show up to the lab on time. If you fail to show up on time, your space in
the lab will be given to a student on the waiting list and you will have to drop the class.
(i) Title of the experiment
(ii) Reference (i.e. complete reference of the experiment including title of the lab manual,
author, edition and page number of the experiment in the manual etc.). Include any
changes to the procedure that you know you will make. Note: You will NOT calibrate the
air-displacement pipet this quarter.
(iii) Short introduction (Summarize in a few sentences about the background and the goal of
the experiment. Outline the kinds of technique that you will use in the experiment)
(iv) Procedures (Flow Chart Format - no more than 1 page long)
ONLY construct flowchart for the "Calibration of a 10-mL Volumetric Pipet".
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