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Chapter 1

JAPAN 50 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Altaic Languages, Japanese Language, Yodo River

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Japan 50
April 3, 2017
Textbook: Chapter 1 Prehistory (Pages 3 to 15)
- Japan deeply influenced by China but did not become like them
- lookig at Japa’s arhipelago efore Japa, the ter ad oept, eisted
- Japan = 4 main islands
o Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
o Dozens of smaller islands
o + Ryukyu/Okinawa Islands
- Area of 146,000 sq miles
o Looks small against China but is pretty big
- Separated from the Asian continent by Sea of Okhotsk, Sea of Japan, and East China
- Shaped by tectonic, climatic, and oceanic forces
- Sits at intersection of four tectonic plates
o Pacific, North American, Eurasian, Philippine Sea
o = many earthquakes and active volcanoes
which makes a lot of mountains (steep/rugged)
- 4 important plains
o Tsukushi Plain (in Kyushu)
o Kinai, Nobi, Kanto Plains (in Honshu)
- Mountains + plains + between Asian mainland and Pacific Ocean = weird weather
o Winter = snow and wind
o Summer = rainy first + warm
Paleolithic Culture
- Before Ice Age, land bridges linked the archipelago to Asia (about 12,000 years ago)
- Early Paleolithic people gathered plants, hunted w stone blades, and fished
Jomon Culture
- 14,500 B.C.E. to 400 B.C.E.
o first + longest period of Japanese prehistory
- bows, arrows, spears, traps, domesticated dogs = hunting
o + seafood (new: salmon) + slowly agriculture
o nets, stone and bone hooks, harpoons, weirs = fishing
o canoes for fishing and transportation
- Jomon = rope pattern
o Refers to the markings on many pots by rolling knotted cords
- Warming after last Ice Age separated Japan from Asia
- Joo pots aog world’s earliest potter
o Used for storage and cooking + elaborate ones for rituals
o Clay doll-like figures w bulging eyes for religious/magical significance?
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