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Chapter 47

LIFESCI 2 Chapter Notes - Chapter 47: Pancreatic Lipase Family, Abdominal Cavity, Epithelium

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Chapter 47 Notes
Function of the Digestive System
o Break down the food we eat
o Absorbs the food to transfer it to cells
Food can be used with oxygen to produce energy
Processes of Digestive
o Motility
Allowing the food molecules to pass through the digestive
Most organs are in the abdominal cavity that food must
traverse through
Two purposes: mixing the food and propelling it through
the digestive system
o Secretion
Mucus to lubricate → motility
Many enzymes
o Digestion
Breaking down of food by enzymes in the digestive cavities
o Absorption
Physical movement of food molecules from the digestive
system to the blood
Digestion: Polymers vs Monomers
o Proteins are broken down to amino acids
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o Carbohydrates are broken down to glucose, fructose, and
o Lipids are broken down to fatty acids
Digestive Organs
o Mouth
o Pharynx
o Salivary Glands
Sublingual, submandibular, parotid
Function of Saliva in the Mouth
Contains amylase and lingual lipase
Facilitates swallowing by moistening food particles
Provides antibacterial action by releasing lysozymes
Saliva dissolves food particles to stimulate taste buds
Aids in speech
Neutralizes ingested acid
o Esophagus
Muscular tube
Upper esophageal sphincter is located proximally
Lower esophageal sphincter is distal
Peristaltic waves push food down
o Stomach
Located between the esophagus and the small intestine
Starts the digestion of proteins
Functions in gastric mixing and gastric emptying
Gastric Mucosa
Lots of cells lining this pit that release mucuous
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