ARTH 1138 Chapter 1: Intro to Art History

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Art History
ARTH 1138
Steven Wander

Saturday, January 14, 2017 Introduction to Art History pages xxi xli Form Line: perceived as only length Shape: geometric, biomorphic, organic, closed or open Color: hues primary: red, yellow, blue secondary: mix of two primary hues Value: relative degree of lightness or darkness Saturation: quality of brightness or dullness (intensity) Texture: tactile quality actual or implied e.g. rough, smooth, grainy, oily, prickly Space: contains form Mass and volume: take up and dene space Composition: arrangement of forms in a work of art foreground, middle ground, background Content Style: combination of form and composition Period Style: particular historical era Regional Style: geographic region Representational Style: make matter seem lifelike RealismNaturalism: accurately represent world as is Idealization: show perfection based on valuestastes of a culture 1
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