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Chapter 1

ENGR 1166 Chapter 1: Civil Engr: Intro to Structural Analysis

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University of Connecticut
ENGR 1166
Dean Burkey

Introduction to Structural Analysis ● Static concept - when a body is at rest with no movement o it moves with constant velocity (acceleration is zero) the resultant of all forces is zero (the structure is stable and does not move) ● Dynamic concept - when a body is at motion under different forces and moment, acceleration is not zero ● Equations of equilibrium in a plane ○ → analyze the structure and calculate the unknown forces in a stable system ○ (moment - rotational load - distance vector x force vector) ■ Counterclockwise = positive ■ Clockwise moment = negative Stress-Strain Elements ● Why don’t we use force value directly? Why do we use stress (load per unit area)? ○ We need to have parameter to be compared with strength of material. This parameter should be independent from area of loading ● Different types of stress in elements under loading ○ Normal stress () - stress due to axial load which is normal to the section ■ Elongation due to tensile force and shortening due to compressive force ■ Strain - ratio of the total deformation to the initial dimension of the material body, ■ ○ Shear stress () - stress due to poin
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