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HIST 1995 Chapter Notes - Chapter unknown: Mattachine Society

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HIST 1995

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Mattachine society
Societies of men in Middle ages who played fool or jester in dance, spread around the world/other
Mattachine Society founded LA 1950 gay men as "akin to jesters"
o Organization and discussion
o Radical vision at first
o Leader linked to communism- critics of society and patriotism
o Dominated by veterans
o Unify- create sense of belonging
o Educate- research themselves to teach public
o Lead- lead masses in these missions
o Basically wanted to be less of a minority
Founded in 1952/3, radical and very positive about homosexuality
Want to be separate, recognized but different than mainstream (opposed to Mattachine)
Beliefs and purpose:
o Homosexuals deserve rights
o Understand themselves and be understood by society
o No illegal activities or erotic publication
o Agree with injustice as stated by police
o No connections to political group or social group
Daughters of Bilitis:
1955, women's org for integrating homosexuals into society
Education and organization of works
Research projects
Investigate how law applies to homosexuals
Open Letter (in Mattachine Review 1955)
Written by a group leader the Senator mentioned in previous address
Homosexuals are Americans until discovered they are homosexual
o Discovery destroys their lives
Misunderstood and discriminated for something did not choose
Homosexuals have served their country but continued to be demonized
Asking him to help change public opinion of homosexuality
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