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Chapter 1-4

ENGL 65FM Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Dracula

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May 14th, 2018
Dorian Gray-ending
Gray stabs the painting---he, himself, is stabbed and found dead on the
ground in his old, frail form
Can be only identified by his rings-social value>he tries to keep the
things that have social value-things that are unchanged, hold value
He has change rushing back into him, whatever relationship he has in
that moment with the portrait is gone
His action in the end moment is done out of passion
What does the painting record about Dorian Gray? Not just sins but also
How are we supposed to feel about Dorian in the end? He is still trapped
but he is still in the same train of thought; released into the realm of art;
Dracula-Bram Stoker
Count Dracula:
Welcoe to y house. Coe freely. Go safely; ad leae
soethig of the happiess you brig! The stregth of the
handshake was so much akin to that which I had noticed in the
driver, whose face I had not seen, that for a moment I doubted if it
ere ot the sae perso to ho I as speakig. 
Wheeer he spoke of his house he alays said, e ad spoke
almost in the plural, like a king speaking. I wish I could have put
down all he said exactly as he said it, for it seemed to have in it a
whole history of the country (24)
Minions of dracula: wolves, romani gypsies, and the three vampire sisters
Depiction of circulation-the way that ideas and things move
through the bodies
Lecture-archives-how they are all bodies of knowledge that come
together to form knowledge; circulation of blood and influence
that changes people and makes them a part of each other;
We all affected by the culture that circulate through and
around us
Complicit characters/transformative
Jonathan worries: whether he is in a nightmare or is going to go mad
Out of your control
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