DOC 3 Chapter 1: September 11th - Eric Foner

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Dimensions of Culture

Presidential Election of 1960 - Democratic platform: Republicans had allowed a “missile gap” to develop in which the Soviets had achieved military superiority - Kennedy and Nixon both knew that American military capacity exceeded the Soviets - Radio v. televised debate phenomenon - End of the 1950s - Eisenhower: warned against missile gap myth - Automobile industry - Suburbia September 11th, 2001 - Cell phone news saved the fourth - Blamed Al Qaeda - Bin Laden enraged by the presence of AMerican military bases in Saudi Arabia and American support for Israel - Reconstruction era: KKK also used terror tactics - Bush administration - War on terrorism - Afghanistan and Iraq - Department of Homeland Security - Largest tax cut in American history - Reagan: Supply-side economic outlook - Emphasized American freedom of action - Would not abide by Kyoto Protocol because it would weaken the American economy - Popular patriotism - New Bush administration direction - “Terrorists attacked us because they freedom” - The Bush Doctrine - No predictable time-table for victory - Attack on Taliban - Established military bases in places previously inconceivable before the end of the Cold War - Axis of Evil - Iraq, Iran, North Korea - Weapons of mass destruction - No evidence connecting them to 9/11 - “The Empire” - Responsibility to impose order on the world - Dick Cheney: oust Hussein - No evidence linking him to 9/11 - Iraqi people would welcome American “liberators” - Colin Powell: action should not be taken without the support of American allies - Largely ignored - Several false assertions about Hussein Iraq War - Antiwar movements in the world - Preoccupation with Iraq deflected attention from Al Qaeda - Opposed by UN, supported only by Great Britain - Hussein executed - Another Vietnam aftermath - Insurgency developed that targeted American soldiers - Shiite majority - The world and the war - American isolated from world public opinion - Viewed as unabiding of international law - Most Americans believe the administration's claims about Hussein - Administration discredited since Hussein had no weapons - Iraq possessed the world’s second-largest reserves of oil Aftermath of 9/11 at Home - Security and liberty - USA PATRIOT Act - Unprecedented powers on law enforcement against domestic terrorism - Guantanamo Bay detention camp - Power of the President - Surveillance of Americans without evidence of a crime - Using the war to seize power - Torture Controversy - Bush administration insisted that Americans need not be bound by international law - Side-stepped Geneva Conventions - “Unlawful combatants” not members of regularly constituted armie
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