MMW 13 Chapter Article Notes: The Cities of the Zanj and the Indian Ocean Trade

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University of California - San Diego
Making of the Modern World
MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

MMW 13 – Textbook Notes – The Cities of the Zanj and the Indian Ocean Trade & The Swahili Coast in the Afrasian Sea The Cities of the Zanj and the Indian Ocean Trade Al-Idrisi: The First Western Notice of East Africa  Hints at Swahili language  Mostly Muslims on one island  Island of hunter-gatherers  Iron trade  Wizards Chao Ju-Kua: Zanzibar and Somalia in the Thirteenth Century  Arab Muslim inhabitants on the island Berbera Coast  Four cities  Ostriches, giraffes, zebras  Island full of hunters Abu-Al-Fida: Malindi, Mombasa, and Sofala  Zanjian sorcerers  Horses won’t live there The Swahili Coast in the Afrasian Sea  Sea travel dependent on monsoon winds  Sea travel cheaper and faster than land travel, and was seen as the favorite over land travel  Swahili people only traveled in the waters on the coast and inland rivers, they did not venture out at sea  Indians settling in the area o Christians mistook them for other Christians, when they were Hindu/Jains  Malindi more open to foreigners than Mombasa  Ruler’s lineage went back to merchant ancestors  Port cities competed with each other for dominance over trade  Mosque in one port  Port of Kilwa had copper coins  Portuguese tried to establish themselves in some areas, but these people did not want the products that they were selling  Tombs and mosques with rich treasures  Before the Portuguese, east African coast was not under any forei
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