MMW 13 Chapter Article Notes: Sunni Versus Shi’ite

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Making of the Modern World
MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

MMW 13 – Textbook Notes – Sunni Versus Shi’ite: We Exhort You to Embrace the True Faith & The Safavid Shi’ite Empire of Persia & Shah Abbas the Great Sunni Versus Shi’ite: We Exhort You to Embrace the True Faith Introduction  From Ottoman ruler Selim I to Safavid Isma’il I  Isma’il went into Ottoman Empire and demanded that people convert to Shi’ism o Selim is a Sunni Sultan Selim I:  Praises Islam as the true religion  Brags about who he is and the prestige of the Ottoman Empire  Shi’ism is an illegitimate form of Islam that promotes violence and destruction, and also goes against the Quran  Everyone in the Ottoman Empire wants you to be dead  You’ve committed heresy by worshipping Shi’ism  Threatening military power  If you just take back what you said and become a Sunni we won’t attack you o We wrote this letter to offer you a chance The Safavid Shi’ite Empire of Persia Introduction  Openly invited Europeans into the empire to trade and try to convert the Muslims  Accounts written by Fathers Simon and Vincent in the capital of Isfahan in 1605 Shah Abbas I (Father Simon)  Physical description of the Shah  Is a humble ruler o Criticizes other rulers that act super high-and-mighty and make people practically worship them o Converses with his subjects like they were regular people  Demands respect  Is strict when it comes to justice, even when it comes to people he knows o He is maybe even a little bit stricter on them so he can make them examples to others  He has no friends o Doesn’t want anyone to influence him  Not a lot of crime due to the intimidation of the king  Holds audiences in his courtyard and does not leave until he sees everyone o He makes one final decision and it is executed immediately  If a noble is to be killed and does not go willingl
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