MMW 13 Chapter PGS 463-468: The European Voyages of Discovery

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University of California - San Diego
Making of the Modern World
MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

MMW 13 – Textbook Notes – The European Voyages of Discovery (PGS 463-468) Causes of European Expansion • Revival of economy and population from Black Death o New demand for luxuries from the East ▪ Fall of Constantinople and Ottoman control of trade routes were obstacles • Spices added flavor to the European diet o Also used in anointing oil, incense, perfume, medicine, dye • Religious fervor o Especially after Muslim Spain fell • Renaissance curiosity • Joining voyages to escape poverty, continue family job, or to try and gain wealth • Merchants provided capital for early voyages • Seeking help of the Crown for funds for voyages Technology and the Rise of Exploration • Shipbuilding, navigation, weaponry advancements • Galleys could not withstand the Atlantic o Caravel: small, light, three-mast ship with triangular sails; easier to move; could be fitted with cannons • Cartography nd • Ptolemy’s Geography: written 2 century; geographical knowledge of the classical world; world is round; latitude and longitude; but, showed the world as being much smaller since it did not feature the Americas • Magnetic compass • Astrolabe for latitude • Gunpowder • Sternpost The Portuguese in Africa and Asia • Long history of seafaring and navigation • Turned to the Atlantic when Spain blocked their access to the Mediterranean • Winds blowing along Portuguese coast allowed them to travel to Africa, Atla
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