MMW 13 Chapter Article Notes: The Birth of an Atlantic World

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University of California - San Diego
Making of the Modern World
MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

MMW 13 – Textbook Notes – The Birth of an Atlantic World The Shape of the Atlantic Zone • Reached areas that had not only never been in contact with Europe, but the rest of the world as well (the Americas, west central Africa) • Disenclavement: ending of isolation for some areas and increase in intersocietal contacts in most areas o More flow of ideas o More trade o Unified world economy o Higher levels of economic development • International migration of people • Waterbound travel cheaper, easier, safer than overland travel • Rivers connected to oceans facilitated trade further inland o Rivers not connected to oceans still facilitated trade • Wasn’t until late 15 century that currents and winds were understood in the ocean European Motives: The Prevalence of Short-Range Goals • Restricted to kings and intellectuals • Depended on financial considerations • Wasn’t just the Spanish and Portuguese in this effort, there were many other countries as well o They were just notable for establishing this settlements • African wing: maintain slaves and gold to finance voyages along the coast; wanted to raid and trade with people • Atlantic wing: exploitable land to collect products/begin agricultural production of products in high demand in Europe • Canary Islands o Uninhabited and could be raided for products o Became a center of production for wine and sugar o African and Atlantic wings o Traveling to them was really easy ▪ Financial security for those who wanted to trade with further out lands T
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