MMW 13 Chapter PGS 423-429: Renaissance Culture

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Making of the Modern World
MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

MMW 13 Textbook Notes Renaissance Culture (PGS 423429) Renaissance Culture Renaissance: selfconscious awareness in 14 and 15 century Italy; humanists Printing press facilitated Wealthy patrons funding art Wealth and Power in Renaissance Italy Economic growth facilitated Renaissance Patronage: commissioning writersartists to produce works Economics, politics, culture connected Began in Florence o Lots of wealth Families dominated banking Allowed them to influence politics and culture Medici Life opportunity for enjoyment instead of painful journey to Heaven Fighting among the different Italian citystates o Formation of alliances against the most powerful o Permanent embassies with resident ambassadors International warfare starting 1494 The Rise of Humanism Reconnect with classical past o Liberal arts: study of Latin classics Humanism: human nature and achievements were worthy of contemplation; study through the classics; synthesize Christian and classical teachings Thought the study would help you achieve higher roles in society Opened schools and academies in Italy Became basis of education for urban boysmen Few women did become educated from tutors, but they were never offered a place in the schools o Dispute over whether they should be educated in the classics or things more practical to them, like manners The Prince: Machiavelli; function of rulergovernment is to preserve order; use whatever means necessary; more feared than loved, but dont be hated; first modern guide to western politics Christian Humanism Rest of Europe took Italian Renaissance back to their countries Christian Humanists: humanist learnings as a way to bring reform of the church and to deepen spiritual lives Utopia: Thomas More; island beyond Europe; humanist education; government solves all problems; property held in common; religious tolerance
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