MMW 13 Chapter PGS 437-446: The Protestant Reformation

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Making of the Modern World
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MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

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MMW 13 Textbook Notes The Protestant Reformation (PGS 437446) Criticism of the Church Papal conflicts with rulers Great Schism Criticism of Papal tax Immorality, ignorance, absenteeism o Pluralism: many Church officials held many offices at the same time Collected the money from all the positions and didnt do the job, hired someone else to do it instead for a low amount of money Clergy exempt from defending the city and paying taxes, other civic responsibilities Martin Luther Professor at University of Wittenberg Salvation through faith, faith is free gift of God Gods word in scripture, not the Church Indulgence: document signed by the popeother official that substituted for penance o People buying them Wrote theses in Latin and mailed them to Archbishop Albert o Myth that he posted them on the door No, he meant them for academic discussion Pope ordered Luther to go to Rome, but the ruler of his area protected him and he burned the letter Diet of Worms: assembly of representatives from the territories of the Holy Roman Empire meeting in city of Worms in 1521; forced Luther to appear, tried to get him to take back his ideas Protestant Thought and Its Appeal Protestant: Luther and his followers Salvation o Catholic: faith, good works o Protestant: faith Authority o C: Church and Bible o P: Bible What is the church? o C: clerical, hierarchical, headed by Pope o P: spiritual priesthood of believers, invisible fellowship not fixed in any placeperson Highest form of Christian life? o C: monastic, religious o P: serve God and their calling Educated people and humanists agreed because it was exactly what they had been saying Attracted literate middle class due to emphasis on everyone reading the Bible Townspeople who hated the Churchs wealth
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