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MMW 11 Chapter p52-57: MMW 11 dubois Reading (52-57)

Making of the Modern World
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Dubois MMW 11 Reading Notes (52-57)
The Assyrians and Persians
Assyria, the Military Monarchy
Built a base in northern Mesopotamia in 900 B.C.E
Started expanding and dominating other areas, conquering people and
exacting tribute
Capital was set in Nineveh and empire spread from capital on Tigris river
to northern Egypt
Multiple rebellions took place which forced bloody battle s and cruel sieges
Assyrian were quite harsh due to the nature of their success which is caused by
the size of its army and their effective military organization
Developed new military technology and techniques such as excavations to
undermine city walls and battering rams to knock down walls and gate
Created a squad of engineers that help with crossing rivers such as with
bridges or with inflatable skins for swimming
Organized conquered territory into an empire
Assyrian officials governed territories nearby
States further away became dependent states and paid tribute
Established themselves completely in 7th century B.C.E but lost power quickly
Babylon became independent in 626 B.C.E and joined with Medes
Destroyed Assyrian empire by 612 B.C.E
The Rise and Expansion of the Persian Empire
Fall of Assyrians lead to the rise of Persia
Persia was mostly centered in Iran
Iran was filled with mountains and harsh deserts
People came about when they moved south from central Asia and Russia
to the harsh desert in which they went either westward or eastward to
India or Mesopotamia
Some cities developed in the desert as a result because of trade
People migrated into this area about 1000 B.C.E with their flocks of
Most people were horse breeders giving those people an advantage
in the military
Medes settled in Northern Iran and created a capital at
Cyrus the Great in 550 B.C.E conquered the Medes
After conquering the Medes, Cyrus wanted to reach the Mediterranean to
reach more trade ports
He conquered the various kingdoms in Mesopotamia and subdued
the Greeks in Anatolia
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