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Chapter 1

MMW 11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Endogamy, Complex Number

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 11
Edmond Chang

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Mckay week: two PP 21-27
Neolithic Society( Social Hierarchies and Slavery)
Signs of growing social differentiation: different ppl are buried w/ different stuff
Three authority factors: links to god, position as heads of kin, personal
Religious specialists were the first to work out formal rules of conduct that later
became oral and written codes of law.
Material that could be stored generated wealth over many generations
Wealth controls labor to amass more wealth
Gender Hierarchies and inheritance
Patriarchy: the system in which men have more power and access to
resources than women and some men are dominant over other men
Men plow and women weave
Men are responsible for food and resources → making women hard to survive
w/o men
Women can only work within the house hold
Women were concubines to powerful men. Marriage among elites families are
arranged to pass down wealth
Endogamy (selective breeding) causes physical difference between the
wealth and the poor.
Flexibility is needed to legitimate more ppl as social elites for the gene pool
Trade and Cross-Cultural Connections
Ppl trade corpers and forage it into tools
Ppl also traded ideas
Foragers: fertility is a mixed blessing. Crop raiser: ppl, animal, land are
God is associated with patterns of birth, growth, death and regeneration
The Rise of the State in Southwest Asia and the Nile Valley
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